Information is one of the most vital, strategic assets any organization possesses. Recent regulatory requirements, such as the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, make managing information both a business priority and a legal obligation that demand the attention of executives and corporate boards.

Properly organizing and maintaining records and information - in paper and electronic formats - is key to enterprises of all sizes and types. The ability to identify, organize, maintain, and access needed information and properly dispose of the rest,  pays off in cost savings, efficiency, regulatory compliance, and reduced litigation risk.

Consortio’s COMMAND (cmd) Platform offers companies an easy out of the box approach to Records Management compliance. Through the use of well defined processes and methodologies, as well as electronic templates, COMMAND (cmd) can jumpstart your organizations compliance efforts. Click here to find out more…
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Documentum Center of Excellence (COE)
Consortio has launched the Documentum Center of Excellence to meet the Development and Support needs of our Global Client Base. The center, located in Manila, Philippines read more...
cmd:Compliance Plus 2.5 Announced
cmd: Compliance Plus is a solution that combines technology with process and domain expertise; this greatly reduces the risk associated in a typical "framework based" or custom solution implementation. Compliance Plus offers an easily deployable and maintainable solution for the IT organization. read more...
Consortio Expands Partner Program
Consortio is pleased to announce the formation of two new partnerships. Through our partner program, Consortio continues to establish relationships with World-Class Organizations. We have built strong alliances with our partners to continue to expand our capabilities and offer our customers solutions that are both comprehensive and best in breed. read more...

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